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ESP Specialty Products

There are a ton of products on the market that have been promoted to fix every ailment or weak point a showpig might have. We have always believed that when it comes Specialty Products LESS is MORE!

First, we know that you have to havve a high quality feed program that is built around sound, functional nutrition facts. Secondly, clen, fresh water at all times, cinducive environment for growth, high quality, problem free genetics, hardwork and yes finally LUCK.

ESP MUSCLE MAKER--a PAYLEAN mix and blend product designed to enhance growth and muscle shape. IT is a must for Paylean products to be formulated correctly. For instance, we know that what drives Paylean to work and work effeciently, three things are required 1) Higher protein levels, higher fat levels and higher Lysine. ESP MUSCLE MAKER is a 50% protein, 3.0 Lysine and 13% fat product. It is formulated with added Biotin for hoof integrity and is formulated with the highest quality protein products that are very palatable to pigs. FEEDING RECOMMENDATION--4 ounces of ESP MUSCLE MAKER delivers 9 gramsof Paylean/ton. We suggest a step up program starting with 1 ounce per day for 3 days just to introduce Paylean to your pig. Then STEP UP the dosage per day as you see fit. We frimly believe that all you need is 9 grams when fed correctly and always remeber with PAYLEAN to be going UP.  REMEMBER--9 grams per/tom is the LEGAL DOSAGE.

ESP BODY BUILDER-- Was designed for 2 things 1) useful in adding bulk, bidy and mass to your pig and 2) slow down growth. As you all are aware EVERY PIG IS DIFFERENT--thats putting it mildly. ESP BODY BUILDER when fed at 1 pound per day 30-45 days frm o show date will give your pig a fuller, bigger bodied look. When fed along with ESP MUSCLE MAKER, we automaticallu raise the protein and fat level of the entire feed program and as we talked PAYLEAN is driven by protein, lysine and fat. Secondly, if you have to slow one down ESP BODY BUILDER can be fed as a comlpete feed. 3 pounds of Bidy Builder along with 1 pound if feed will normally get you about 1 pound of gain per day and still allow you to keep the desired freshness, muscle definition and body mass to compete.

ESP "THE GOOD STUFF'--a top dress product when fed at 2 ounces per day (1 pump in the am and 1 pump in the vening) will most certainly aid in feed consumption, daily intake and in the times of extreme stress, keep you rpig eaing. THE GOOD STUFF is the highest quality rice bran oil you can buy. Pigs love itand just remember, when you start you have to finish them on it becoaudse they like it and will demand it.

We believe these 3 products are ALL you need to fit pigs So many people get so sidetracked  looking for this fix and that fix when the answer is very simple--and stated in the beginning of this BLOG--when it comes to ANY FEED COMPANIES specialty products--LESS IS MORE. 

You can always call with any question you might have, 816 284 2518 

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