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ESP Specialty Products
Bruce's Blog
Saturday 21st of January 2017 07:30:26 AM

There are a ton of products on the market that have been promoted to fix every ailment or weak point a showpig might have. We have always believed that when it comes Specialty Products LESS is MORE!

First, we know that you have to havve a high quality feed program that is built around sound, functional nutrition facts. Secondly, clen, fresh water at all times, cinducive environment for growth, high quality, problem free genetics, hardwork and yes finally LUCK.

ESP MUSCLE MAKER--a PAYLEAN mix and blend product designed to enhance growth and muscle shape. IT is a must for Paylean products to be formulated correctly. For instance, we know that what drives Paylean to work and work effeciently, three things are required 1) Higher protein levels, higher fat levels and higher Lysine. ESP MUSCLE MAKER is a 50% protein, 3.0 Lysine and 13% fat product. It is formulated with added Biotin for hoof integrity and is formulated with the highest quality protein products that are very palatable to pigs. FEEDING RECOMMENDATION--4 ounces of ESP MUSCLE MAKER delivers 9 gramsof Paylean/ton. We suggest a step up program starting with 1 ounce per day for 3 days just to introduce Paylean to your pig. Then STEP UP the dosage per day as you see fit. We frimly believe that all you need is 9 grams when fed correctly and always remeber with PAYLEAN to be going UP.  REMEMBER--9 grams per/tom is the LEGAL DOSAGE.

ESP BODY BUILDER-- Was designed for 2 things 1) useful in adding bulk, bidy and mass to your pig and 2) slow down growth. As you all are aware EVERY PIG IS DIFFERENT--thats putting it mildly. ESP BODY BUILDER when fed at 1 pound per day 30-45 days frm o show date will give your pig a fuller, bigger bodied look. When fed along with ESP MUSCLE MAKER, we automaticallu raise the protein and fat level of the entire feed program and as we talked PAYLEAN is driven by protein, lysine and fat. Secondly, if you have to slow one down ESP BODY BUILDER can be fed as a comlpete feed. 3 pounds of Bidy Builder along with 1 pound if feed will normally get you about 1 pound of gain per day and still allow you to keep the desired freshness, muscle definition and body mass to compete.

ESP "THE GOOD STUFF'--a top dress product when fed at 2 ounces per day (1 pump in the am and 1 pump in the vening) will most certainly aid in feed consumption, daily intake and in the times of extreme stress, keep you rpig eaing. THE GOOD STUFF is the highest quality rice bran oil you can buy. Pigs love itand just remember, when you start you have to finish them on it becoaudse they like it and will demand it.

We believe these 3 products are ALL you need to fit pigs So many people get so sidetracked  looking for this fix and that fix when the answer is very simple--and stated in the beginning of this BLOG--when it comes to ANY FEED COMPANIES specialty products--LESS IS MORE. 

You can always call with any question you might have, 816 284 2518 

Summer Feeding Tips
Bruce's Blog
Wednesday 29th of June 2016 03:29:49 PM

The dog days of summer are upon us. Here in the Midwest it is becoming hot , humid and we become concerned about feed intake, consumption and growth rate, Here's a few tips:

1) Multiple daily feedings--I think it is always important to keep fresh feed and water in front of your pig at all times. It becomes even more important in the summer. Personally, I am a big fan of feeding smaller amounts of feed, multiple times per day--3-4 feedings is adequate, This helps keep your pig just a bit hungry PLUS also gives you a better gauge of how much feed they are consuming. The more feedings--the better!

2) Wet feed--I like to "slop" pigs the in the summer. First, I think they will consume more. Secondly, our top dressses work extremely well when mixed with water and the feed. Third and not least, PIGS LIKE SLOP!!

3) ESP MUSCLE MAKER--Our Paylean product is very high quality. Also, Paylean is an excellent additive when desired growth rate is needed (use 2 ounces for growth rate). Of course, it will greatly aid in muscle shape and give your pig that desired show ring look. Use as the label describes and this product will help tremendously.

4) ESP BODY BUILDER--We know that %Protein and % Fat help in several fashions when using Paylean. First, Paylen works best with higher % Protein and Lysine. Secondly, higher % Fat aids in cushioning the blow Paylean might have on your pig. ESP BIUDY BUILDER is high in protein and fat, making it an excelelnt choice to feed with ESP MUSCLE MAKER. Developed to add bulk and mass to your pig , ESP BIDY BUILDER, is an excellent choice if you have to slow down the growth on your pig. 3 pounds of Body Builder along with 1 pound of feed will normally get you about 1 pound of gain per day. Of course, every pig is different, so continue to weigh them regularly.

5)ESP "THE GOOD STUFF"--PIGS LOVE IT!! One ounce oer day, top dress on your feed will aid greatly in feed intake and growth rate. Also, I believe this is all the fat you need  in the summer. I promise you, after you start feeding, you will never quit. You will see the difference quickly.

6) Water--the most essentila nutrient to man and livestock. Make double sure your pig ALWAYS has fresh, clean water.

7) Event though it is hot, you hhave to continue to get your pig out and exercise it. You might have to go early and late BUT it is of unmost importance to get them out and keep working them daily. If you have to get up earlier--get up. If you have to stay up later--stay up. THEY GOTTA BE WALKED.

As always, we are a phone call away if you need help. 816-284-2518. 

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2016 ESP Rewards Program
Bruce's Blog
Friday 15th of January 2016 09:33:43 AM

Believe it or not the 2016 Showpig season in the Midwest is heating up and yes the phone is ringing and we anticicpate a great seson for ESP customers. 2015 brought many great accomplishments for ESP and our customers. No doubt 2016 will be the same.

2016 Missouri State Fair--We are implementing a rewards program for the Missouri State Fair. Most of you know that follow follow ESP and attend the Missouri State Fair changes need to be made. In Missouri we only sell 2 pigs in the Sale of Champions. ESP has been very fortunate the past several years in being highlyrepresented in this sale with either Grand or Reserve Grand since 2012 and for this we are very grateful. BUT IT IS TOUGH.

2016 we are going to reward those exhibitors and customers who patronize ESP. If you have an Overall Breed Champion and you fed the complete ESP Show Program we will reward you with a $500.00 award at Sedalia. There are a few stiipulations that go along with this and complete rules and an application form will be up on our website by Feb 15, 2016.

A couple of scenarios: If you fed ESP and have the Champion Duroc Barrow Overall and he is named Grand Champion OVerall, you will not recieve the $500.00 simply because he will sell in the Sale of Champions. Hopefully you undeerstand that we are trying to do and go byond the Sale of Champions. In htis scenario, you probably see ESP at the Sale of Champions and be a buyer of you project. 

We strongly believe that the winnings should be spread around to at least the Overall Breed Champions BUT I believe this is not going to happen at Missouri and they will just continue to award 2 individuals and 2 pigs with a show that exhibits almost 800 barrows.I have watched, as the years go by, the steady decline of Purebred barrows exhibited and hopefully we can increase the numbers with this program and of course, sell more feed!!!

Please watch this site as the next few weeks go by for the complete rules and application form.

We are very excited for our customers and the summer show season to get here. ESP--THE GOOD STUFF--BETTER GET YOU SOME!!!! 

Pig Buying Season--Questions to ask
Bruce's Blog
Monday 26th of October 2015 01:10:17 PM

It is time for the great pig hunt that begins every October and has its finale at Duncan in Mid November. These days there are a multitude of ways to purichase pigs--onlin, pig sales, straight off the farm, etc. Thats up to you and whatever fits your needs and schedule. Hopefully you have an Ag teacher, 4H leader or a significant other who can lead you in the right direction. I have my own personal beliefs on how I purchase pigs but thats me. This article is not inteneded to persuade you to my way of thinking BUT to help inform you of the mistakes and victories I have had over the past 45 years of buying pigs. There are many on both sides--good and bad decisions--learn form my mistakes, so you dont make the same.

This time of the year and also in the Spring I live by the notion--BELIEVE ONLY HALF OF WHAT YOU SEE AND NOTHING OF WHAT YOU HEAR!!

Here's th equestions I would ask:

1) Herd Health---PRRS status, PEDv Status, vaccination program, any on going health concerns that I should know about with this herd? If the breeder (I use that term very loosely) cant answer these questions, MOVE ON TO THE NEXT FARM!!

2) Dam--What is the mother of this pig like? Genetically and phenotypically? Any past winners out of her? How did they grow? Fast, slow, medium, what? I spend more time talking about the sows because they are the stable part of any farm. If they did not die as a gilt having pigs then htey are probably OK from the point they are still here.

3) I dont talk much about sires because of all the crossbred boars used. Most generally, not always, there is a new, big name cross boar about every 4 months. He brings a bunch of money and every GOOD SOW gets bred to him. No one spends $500-$1000 per does to breed OK sows? Think about it--if you are going to lay that kind of bucks out--you are going to breed the good ones. So a Crossbred boar is just that--Crossed up--talk about the sows. Always served me well.

4) Feed--what are they eating now? Can I get a bag of this feed to try to keep things as consistent from the transfer from the breeders place to your place. What should my next feed be in terms of Protein, Lysine, Fat? They can help you with that.

5) Transportation--You have to realize that up to now the pig has been through 2 very stresssful periods in his lif. 1) Birth 2) Weaning and now comes the third. Most nurseries are 70-80 degress. thats what your pig is use to. Now you are going to pull him out of a nrusery/grower where its is comfortable, living with his buddies and throw him in a box or a trailler with strange pigs, colder temp than he is use to and take off 70 mph down the road. Many, many pigs are lost at this moment. MANY, MANY, MANY PIGS. Do your homework here. It will save you lots of headaches down the road.

Next Blog--Got them home--NOW WHAT???? 

2015-It is going to be Great!!
Bruce's Blog
Sunday 11th of January 2015 11:18:47 AM

We are excited about the our customers success in 2014. Our customer base is unique from the standpoint of tremendously loylaty to ESP and our products. I believe 2015 will bring great things. Presenlty we are in hte heart of competition in Oklahoma. Jacpot shows are in full swing and not far away are County, Districts and OYE. It will be here before you know it.

ESP Special K is unmatched in its showring success. We introduced this product in April 2011 and since then look at the track record. 2012 Grand Champion Market Wether at OYE. 2013 and 2014 brought Reserve Champion honors in the Goat Show at OYE along with countless class and division winners. I expect 2015 to be a repeat as already the Grand Champion Market Wether at Arizona was claimed by Bree Taylor of Shattuck,OK. Yes 2015 is going to be great!!!! 

ON the other hand in Missouri, Wisconsin, Colorado and Iowa thoughts of showing again are in full swing. I would just ask you to look att the Summer results in these states of customers that feed ESP. It is well documented and facts are facts. There is not a BETTER nutrition program available in these areas and proof is in the pudding as they say. In Missouri, for example, Grand Champion Market Barrow 4-H and Reserve Grand overall in 2012. Grand Champion Market Barrow and Grand OVerall in 2013. Champion Crossbred market Barrow in 2014 along with Champion Yorkshire Barrow, Reserve Champion Duroc Barrow and many other class winners. In Wisonsin Champion Yorkshire Barrow and the same in Colorado.

Hands on advice is available to every customer we have. You see, we dont just have a feed  meeting in Feb or Mar. Run a couple of so called "showpig experts" at you then get in the truck and leave. WE ARE HERE EVRRYDAY FOR ADVICE FROM APRIL thru  AUGUST!! IT DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Give us a call. We would love to help you reach your potential in the showring. WE ARE READY--ARE YOU?? 2015--IT WILL BE GREAT!!!! 

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Response 1
Sunday 11th of January 2015 11:50:45 AM
Submitted by: Jason
What makes it so much better than say Honor or Ralco?