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2016 ESP Rewards Program
Bruce's Blog
Friday 15th of January 2016 09:33:43 AM

Believe it or not the 2016 Showpig season in the Midwest is heating up and yes the phone is ringing and we anticicpate a great seson for ESP customers. 2015 brought many great accomplishments for ESP and our customers. No doubt 2016 will be the same.

2016 Missouri State Fair--We are implementing a rewards program for the Missouri State Fair. Most of you know that follow follow ESP and attend the Missouri State Fair changes need to be made. In Missouri we only sell 2 pigs in the Sale of Champions. ESP has been very fortunate the past several years in being highlyrepresented in this sale with either Grand or Reserve Grand since 2012 and for this we are very grateful. BUT IT IS TOUGH.

2016 we are going to reward those exhibitors and customers who patronize ESP. If you have an Overall Breed Champion and you fed the complete ESP Show Program we will reward you with a $500.00 award at Sedalia. There are a few stiipulations that go along with this and complete rules and an application form will be up on our website by Feb 15, 2016.

A couple of scenarios: If you fed ESP and have the Champion Duroc Barrow Overall and he is named Grand Champion OVerall, you will not recieve the $500.00 simply because he will sell in the Sale of Champions. Hopefully you undeerstand that we are trying to do and go byond the Sale of Champions. In htis scenario, you probably see ESP at the Sale of Champions and be a buyer of you project. 

We strongly believe that the winnings should be spread around to at least the Overall Breed Champions BUT I believe this is not going to happen at Missouri and they will just continue to award 2 individuals and 2 pigs with a show that exhibits almost 800 barrows.I have watched, as the years go by, the steady decline of Purebred barrows exhibited and hopefully we can increase the numbers with this program and of course, sell more feed!!!

Please watch this site as the next few weeks go by for the complete rules and application form.

We are very excited for our customers and the summer show season to get here. ESP--THE GOOD STUFF--BETTER GET YOU SOME!!!!