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Summer Feeding Tips
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Wednesday 29th of June 2016 03:29:49 PM

The dog days of summer are upon us. Here in the Midwest it is becoming hot , humid and we become concerned about feed intake, consumption and growth rate, Here's a few tips:

1) Multiple daily feedings--I think it is always important to keep fresh feed and water in front of your pig at all times. It becomes even more important in the summer. Personally, I am a big fan of feeding smaller amounts of feed, multiple times per day--3-4 feedings is adequate, This helps keep your pig just a bit hungry PLUS also gives you a better gauge of how much feed they are consuming. The more feedings--the better!

2) Wet feed--I like to "slop" pigs the in the summer. First, I think they will consume more. Secondly, our top dressses work extremely well when mixed with water and the feed. Third and not least, PIGS LIKE SLOP!!

3) ESP MUSCLE MAKER--Our Paylean product is very high quality. Also, Paylean is an excellent additive when desired growth rate is needed (use 2 ounces for growth rate). Of course, it will greatly aid in muscle shape and give your pig that desired show ring look. Use as the label describes and this product will help tremendously.

4) ESP BODY BUILDER--We know that %Protein and % Fat help in several fashions when using Paylean. First, Paylen works best with higher % Protein and Lysine. Secondly, higher % Fat aids in cushioning the blow Paylean might have on your pig. ESP BIUDY BUILDER is high in protein and fat, making it an excelelnt choice to feed with ESP MUSCLE MAKER. Developed to add bulk and mass to your pig , ESP BIDY BUILDER, is an excellent choice if you have to slow down the growth on your pig. 3 pounds of Body Builder along with 1 pound of feed will normally get you about 1 pound of gain per day. Of course, every pig is different, so continue to weigh them regularly.

5)ESP "THE GOOD STUFF"--PIGS LOVE IT!! One ounce oer day, top dress on your feed will aid greatly in feed intake and growth rate. Also, I believe this is all the fat you need  in the summer. I promise you, after you start feeding, you will never quit. You will see the difference quickly.

6) Water--the most essentila nutrient to man and livestock. Make double sure your pig ALWAYS has fresh, clean water.

7) Event though it is hot, you hhave to continue to get your pig out and exercise it. You might have to go early and late BUT it is of unmost importance to get them out and keep working them daily. If you have to get up earlier--get up. If you have to stay up later--stay up. THEY GOTTA BE WALKED.

As always, we are a phone call away if you need help. 816-284-2518. 

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