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Special K feed is a recipe developed by myself and ESP feeds especially for show goats. I was not finding what I wanted in other feed brands. I was constantly having to mix other additives in order to get the desired results. Why does a hog feed company make goat feed for me? Because they understood that I wanted consistency in feed stuffs and that I didn't want to spend a fortune advertising the feed therefore causing the price to be over $20 a bag. This is also why the feed comes in a plain white bag with an orange label. Straight forward, simple, economical but very effective.

It is an alfalfa/corn/soybean meal based feed with a liquid energy source. It does have ammonia chloride in it and a proper Calcium/phopshorous balance to help prevent kidney stones. It is over 16% protein and 4% fat. With the higher fat content, there has to be an exercise program in place for wethers, unless you are creep feeding and wanting to bloom goats. Feed wethers up to 1 pound per feeding, twice a day. Feed free choice as a creep feed. For show does, feed 1 to 1 1/2 pounds per feeding, twice a day. Also keep fresh, clean water available at all times. As this feed is high in energy, it works well when "holding" goats. When holding a wether, feed 1/4 to 1/3 pound per feeding, twice daily. Monitor condition weekly and adjust feed amounts as needed.

Anybody that knows me has heard me say "It's not what you feed, but how you feed it as long as you use a quality feed." I still believe this. But lets look at the results for one year.

That's an impressive list for one year. It ain't bragging if you can back it up. ESP is making the feed how I want it and the feed is doing its part for the goats.

The feed is designed to be fed while using an exercise program. When fed properly, goats will handle with a fresher handle. A wide variety of judges have consistently stated that these goats handle fresher and with more shape.
Thanks for letting ESP be part of your success!