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Show Feeds

ESP The Good Stuff

An all natural, highly palatable fat source that WILL increase daily feed intake, consumption and growth rate. ESP THE GOOD STUFF is simple to use and will give your show pig the added benefit of feed consumption in times of high stress such as summer heat, traveling to and from shows. Be prepared--they absolutely love this product. ESP THE GOOD STUFF is a high quality rice bran oil that is all natural--no added impurities--that also contains gamma oryzanol, widely observed as an "all natural Paylean type ingredient. Used at 1 ounce per feeding you will see a difference--fast. ESP THE GOOD STUFF will aid dramatically help with giving your pig that added high quality hair and skin look that is so desired in the show ring. ESP THE GOOD STUFF--Better get you some.

ALCOMP 70-18 - 40# PAIL

ESP ALCOMP 70-18 is a complete ENERGY SOURCE for you show pigs. No other sources of energy (Soy oil, Choice white grease, dry fat) need to be used in the ration. 40 pounds of ALCOMP 70-18 will also replace 100 pounds of Soybean meal in one ton of complete feed. If you desire higher intakes, greater consumption along with better daily gains, look no further than ALCOMP 70-18.


"ESP SPECIAL K GO JUICE" is a high quality feed supplement for SHOW GOATS that is to be fed at 1 ounce per day. GOATS SIMPLY LOVE IT!!! GO JUICE is an all natural product of Rice Bran Oil.IT is designed to increase appetite in your show animal and give your goat that SHOWRING READY LOOK!!!!Each gallon will provide 128 one ounce feedings and comes with a handy 1 ounce pumper. Compare this product to others on the market and you will find it very economical and a must use product for your show animal. FEED WHAT THE CHAMPIONS FEED--ESP SPECIAL K!!!!

1 ounce pumper is included in the 1 gallon jug box. 4 are included in the 4 gallon box..


The Main Event Mixer is the base mix for all of our ESP Show Feeds. It utilizes the highest quality ingredients that drive consumption and intake, allowing your pigs to maximize growth and to reach their full genetic potential. It contains our own high quality premium poultry proteins that pigs just love to eat. Make no mistake – there is a difference in the quality of ingredients that go into show feeds. A 100 pound inclusion allows you to add your corn, bean meal and energy source for a top of the line, competitive show feed.


A great product to aid In the shaping and molding of your show pig. There simply is not another product on the market today that will add muscle shape along with daily gain than ESP MUSCLE MAKER. Studies have shown that to get the best results using PAYLEAN you need several things: higher protein, added Biotin and greater fat levels. ESP MUSCLE MAKER is a 50% Protein, 3.0% Lysine and 12% Fat product that when mixed and blended with 5 pounds of feed delivers 9 gram/ton of PAYLEAN. This product is available in a 25 pound bag and will deliver 100 – 9 gram feedings.


Often imitated but never duplicated! ESP BODY BUILDER is the original hold and fill formula. Everything you need to add mass, volume and extra capacity to your show pig is in the product, when fed at 1 pound per day. A unique blend of high quality, highly digestible proteins (spray dried whey, spray dried blood, menhaden fish meal, spray dried egg and Hi-Pro Soybean meal) along with 2 sources of fat and several high fiber ingredient makes this product, one of a kind. Along with the above mentioned products, MAIN EVENT MIXER is included to give you all the vitamins, minerals and amino acids to help hold that muscle shape and body mass when you decide to slow the growth of your animal. Check the competition and you will see there is not another comparable product out there. Available in a 50 pound bag.


ESP SHOW GROWER 18-4 is designed for pigs from 50-150 pounds. It s credentials are 18% Protein, 1,15% Lysine and 4% Fat. An ideal feed for the stage of your pigs life when muscle and skeletal growth is taking place. It contains highly palatable protein products in combination with the ALCOMP 70-18 for the very best results of intake, consumption and palatability. NON MEDIACTED


A complete meal feed designed for a softer, more tranquil growth pattern. This feed is 16% Protein, 1.0% Lysine and 5% Fat. Using the Main Event Mixer, ESP Liquid Energy and Soy Oil makes this a very simple but high quality feed that helps give the pigs a fuller, softer fresher look. Non-medicated.


ESP Blast is a 17% Protein, 1.0% Lysine and 7.0% Fat complete meal feed. Designed for feeding in cooler weather, it is very high in energy and will greatly aid you in the adding cover to your pig. Again, this complete feed utilitzes our Poultry Protein and Soy Oil is the energy source. This feed is designed to follow the Grower 50-150 and is especially formulated to work as the weather cools as the pigs can and will utilize greater amounts of energy.

Thanks for letting ESP be part of your success!